Car Bows

custom black car bow

Are you in search of the perfect car bow? Giant car bows are our passion. BER FLAGS AND BOWZ, INC  is the leading manufacturer of car bows in the United States. Our bows are used by companies year-round to promote their business, decorate auto dealer showrooms, launch products, create visual merchandising displays and much more. Our giant bows are used to add that extra special touch to all big gifts such as cars, trucks, boats, houses, washing machines, motorcycles, you name it! We offer custom bow options for special events such as graduations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas gifts, and much more. We want everyone to be able to put a car bow on it so we keep our prices low.

Our car bows are commonly used for such special occasions as 16th birthday celebrations and 50th wedding anniversaries. We love hearing from our customers! If you use your car bow for a special occasion or surprise send us your story. Hearing from our customers is one of our favorite things.

We offer welcome home bows as well! These giant bows really make an lasting impression and have all sorts of applications. Contact us today for assistance making your special event a memorable one.  Our car bow store is open 24 hours a day and a customer service team that is ready to help!

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, welcome home, a very Merry Christmas or a million things in between our car bows are the perfect finishing touch.