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Big Bows For Cars | Dealership Multi Packs | Buy in Bulk and Save BIG



Stock up and save a ton on our big bows for cars car bows multi packs! This listing is for those looking to order larger quantities with prices as low as $27 a bow with free shipping!
Mix and match colors – please email us at orders@carbowz.com or in an order note with your color choices.

We ship same day!

This bow is available in 9 colors: Red, Blue, Pink, White, Silver, Gold, Black, Yellow and Green.


The original “Big Red Bow”
Large car bow 30” wide
Includes two tails (30” x 4.5”)
Soft and scratch-free magnetic backing
Made from durable vinyl for use indoors and outdoors
No assembly required, ready to use immediately
The Original Car Bow Ribbon

The original “Big Red Bow” is the perfect way to proudly display the cars in your dealership or present a special gift. The huge 30-Inch JumBow Car Bow is available in original red or 8 other bright and bold colors.

Make any car look amazing whatever the occasion. Whether you want to buy a one-off bow for a gift or decorate all the cars in your dealership to attract customers, this versatile and attractive bow is just what you need to make any car look amazing.

Why Choose the 30” Big Car Bow?

This Big 30” Car Bow Multi Pack is the perfect way to improve the presentation of a single vehicle or multiple vehicles to instantly add the “Wow” factor.

Perfect for presenting promotional products and drawing attention to special events. Brighten up your showroom and draw in more customers
Improve your gift presentation
Made from durable vinyl, the Big Car Bow is fully weather resistant so you can use it outside as well as inside
The soft magnetic base ensures no scratches on the car surface, and it’s the simplest way to attach a bow to the roof or hood of your vehicle
The Big Car Bow comes carefully packaged and ready to display immediately. There’s no need to assemble it, saving you lots of time when decorating numerous cars

Have a special promotion or holiday coming up? Want to add a festive atmosphere to your auto dealership? Take advantage of our collection of giant car bows and order your car bows multi pack and see the positive changes they will make to the tone of your dealership. All of our big bows for cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs are manufactured to last, and they are sized and designed especially for display in a dealership.
Draw attention to specific deals and models, highlight special products, or simply create a warmer environment for the holiday season with our beautiful car bows! With a variety of colors to choose from, our bows can serve your dealership for any occasion, giving you an easy way to make your customers feel comfortable while highlighting your inventory. Because of their high-quality nature, our bows will last through various sales, holiday seasons, and special events, giving you a long-lasting solution. We can’t wait to help you give your auto dealership the next level of customer-friendliness when you’re shopping our dealer supply, so browse our selection of car bows below and order today! We will provide you with the car bows you need to create a more festive and friendly environment in no time!

Big bows for cars at the best prices, guaranteed.

HUGE Savings and FREE UPS ground shipping included with each order! Ships Same Day!

6 JumBows – 5% off
10 JumBows – 7% off
16 JumBows – 10% off
20 JumBows – 12% off
30 JumBows – 15% off
40 JumBows – 18% off
50 JumBows – 20% off
60 JumBows – 25% off

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6 Bows 37.96 each, 10 Bows 37.16 each, 16 Bows $35.96 each, 20 Bows $35.16 each, 30 Bows $33.96 each, 40 Bows $32.76 each, 50 Bows $31.96 each, 60 Bows $29.97 each

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