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Car Bow Hoodie – Fits Any Vehicle – Alternative to the Original Large Car Bow

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The Car Bow Hoodie provides you with a useful and attractive alternative to the traditional Big Red Car Bow. Available in a choice of 4 colors and with 2 celebratory messages, it’s the perfect way to present a gift to give it the wow factor.

The Car Bow Hoodie is available in 4 colors and with a choice of 2 messages:

  • “Happy Birthday” message available in Red/White, White/Gold, Pink, or Blue
  • “Surprise” message available in Red/White.


  • Product is exclusive to CarBowz
  • Made from durable but non-scratch polyester fabric
  • One size fits nearly all vehicles
  • Attaches quickly by wrapping around the hood
  • Elastic edges hold it in place

The Perfect Car Bow Alternative

The Car Bow Hoodie, which is exclusive to CarBowz, is an excellent alternative to the traditional car bow ribbon, and it’s a great option if you want to choose something a little bit different to celebrate a big occasion like a birthday or graduation.

Colorful, bold, and beautiful, this hoodie is easy to attach and easy to remove, just like the magnetic car bow, and it fits virtually any car or truck so you can use it no matter which vehicle you are giving away as a gift.

The Easy Way to Make Any Gift Look Amazing

The Car Bow Hoodie is the perfect way to present a gift, whether a surprise birthday gift or celebrating a special achievement.

  • Make an instant impression and wow the recipient of the vehicle by with an amazing presentation for the perfect surprise
  • Wraps around the hood in seconds, and the hood closes to secure it tight
  • Strong elastic edge holds it firmly in place so you can even drive with it over short distances
  • Polyester is durable and weatherproof so you can use it indoors, outdoors, or wherever you want to
  • Soft enough to ensure it does not scratch or damage the paintwork
  • Just like the giant car bow, one size fits all so you can use it for any vehicle

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Discounts for Orders of 20+

If you’d like to order in bulk, we provide special discounts for orders of 20+ Car Bow Hoodies. Find out about our special rates by contacting us today: orders@carbowz.com

Delivered in Days

As soon as you complete your order of the Car Bow Hoodie, we will send it out for delivery and you can expect it to arrive in 1-5 days.

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Happy Birthday Red/White, Happy Birthday White/Gold, Happy Birthday Pink, Happy Birthday Blue, Surprise Red/White

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