• Giant Car Bow
  • Giant Car Bow

Giant Car Bow (30”) with Magnetic Base in Two Color Combinations


Big Car Bows | Two Color Combo Bows | Big Gift Bow | 30″ Magnetic JumBow

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Get your multicolored Giant Car Bow in two color combos by choosing either Red/Green or Red/White/Blue to make your cars look amazing.

The Multicolored Giant Car Bow Ribbon is available in a choice of two color combinations: Red/Green and Red/White/Blue.


  • Two color combos: Red/Green and Red/White/Blue
  • Large width (30 inches)
  • 2 long tails (30” x 4.5”)
  • Made from strong vinyl
  • Magnetic scratch-proof back
  • Arrives ready to use

The Colorful Way to Present Your Cars

If you know you want a Large Car Bow for your vehicles but you want something that will be even more eye-catching, choose one of our multi-colored bows. Available in two color combinations of Red/Green and Red/White/Blue, this giant bow is the perfect way to make sure everyone notices the cars in your dealership.

Presenting a car to someone special, perhaps as a birthday gift? Choose their favorite colors for your bow and make sure your gift looks spectacular when you present it to them. The magnetic back means there is no risk of scratches, and the vinyl material means you can even use it in the rain.

The Perfect Colorful Way to Present Your Vehicle

There is no more colorful way to perfectly present your cars than with this multi-colored Giant Car Bow.

  • Choose from two different color combinations that work perfectly with the color of your vehicles
  • Strong magnetic back attaches easily and is scratch-resistant so you don’t need to worry about damaging your cars
  • Tough vinyl material is waterproof and weatherproof so you can use it on cars outside
  • The perfect way to improve your gift presentation or to present the cars in your dealership to attract more customers
  • The magnetic Car Bow arrives ready to use without needing to assemble anything

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