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Graduation 2022 Car Bow – Giant Car Bow Available in School Colors and Graduation Year 2022


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If you’re planning the perfect gift for Graduation 2019, make it look even more special with this stunning Graduation 2022 Car Bow Ribbon with a special graduation message included.

Graduation 2022 car bows are available in 10 color combinations: Black w/ white text; Blue w/ white text; Green w/ white; Green w/ red; Red w/ white; Silver w/ white; Silver w/ red; White w/ red; White w/ black; Yellow w/ red (don’t see your colors? send us an email- we may be able to make it at no additional charge!)


  • Large car bow measures 30 inches
  • Contains 2 ribbons (30 inches x 4 ½ inches)
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Made from durable weatherproof vinyl
  • Includes message printed onto ribbons: “Congratulations Graduate 2019”
  • No Assembly Required – Comes Ready Out of the box

Celebrate Graduation 2022 with the Ultimate Gift Presentation with our Graduation 2022 Car Bow

If you’re planning to celebrate the graduation of the smartest member of your family by giving them a vehicle, spruce it up by adding a celebratory Graduation 2019 Car Bow Ribbon and make your gift even more special.

These special car bows, available in no fewer than 12 color combinations, are just what you need to give your graduation gift the perfect finishing touch.

The Stylish and Beautiful Way to Present Your Graduation Gift

Present your smart graduate with the perfect gift in style with this giant car bow that will provide the ideal presentation for any vehicle.

  • Large JumBow car bow ribbon looks spectacular on any car, making it the perfect way to present your gift
  • Soft magnetic car bow attachment is strong but leaves no scratches or damage to the paintwork
  • Snap on, snap off design is quick to attach and remove
  • Weatherproof car bow that can be used in any weather conditions
  • The perfect presentation for gifts for college and high school graduates
  • Set up the perfect photo opportunity on the big day for memories that last a lifetime

Customized Car Bows Available

If you want to include a different message, find out about our JumBow Customization options right HERE and create the exact message you want.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 in

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