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Large White Car Bow (30”) with Magnetic Back


Big Car Bows | White Car Bow | Big Gift Bow | 30″ Magnetic JumBow

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The Large White Car Bow is available in white, for other colors please see the other products in our store.

This beautiful Large Car Bow will make any vehicle look stunning, whether to use in your dealership or when presenting a gift.


  • Large 30” width
  • Includes two large tails (30” x 4.5”)
  • Soft magnetic back is scratch-proof
  • Made from durable vinyl
  • Comes ready to use, no assembly required

Present Any Vehicle in Style with the Stunning White Car Bow

If you own a dealership and you want to make your vehicles look attractive and catch the attention of buyers, the Big White Car Bow Ribbon is the perfect way to get noticed. Now all your cars will look amazing, adding the “Wow” factor to make them even more tempting when customers are deciding which car to buy.

Alternatively, you might have bought a car as a gift for someone special. While wrapping up something as large as a car might be a challenge, adding a decorative white magnetic car bow is an easy way to present it beautifully and ensure you make your gift look even more amazing.

Add Stylish Presentation to Any Car with the White Car Bow

The Giant Car Bow is the classy and stylish way to present any vehicle for any occasion.

  • The large 30-inch bow is a spectacular way to present a car or any other large item or gift that is not easily wrapped
  • Attract attention to your dealership and draw in more customers
  • Scratch-proof magnetic backing means the bow stays firmly in place without leaving any marks behind
  • Use indoors, outdoors, wherever you want, the Big White Car Bow is made from durable weatherproof vinyl
  • When your bow arrives, it is all ready to use without any need to assemble it

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